1000 g

The perfect squishy flavorful mate to your milkteas.
Our tapioca pearls come in five different flavours.

Shelf Life : 8 Month

Net Weight : 1 Kg and 3 Kg

Packing : 12 Pack/Ctn (1 Kg)

6 Pack/Ctn (3 Kg)

Premium ingredients
Unique texture
Best quality
Various flavor
Approve by BPOM Indonesia

1. Uncooked product
Keep it in cool dry area, away from direct sunlight.
For opened package, wrap package tightly and store in fridge. You can pack it in vacuum as well.
2. Cooked product
Immerse cooked product in sugar syrup, not more than six hours.
To consume the next day, store boba in freezer and reheat for five minutes in boiled water before serving.

tabs 1

Prepare water to boil. 6 cup of water every 1 cup of pearl. (ratio of pearl to water is 1:6)

tabs 2

Put BOBA KING into boiling water. Stil until all the pearl float out of water.

tabs 3

Turn to small fire and cook for 30 minutes

tabs 4

Turn of the fire and stew for 30 minutes

tabs 5

Scoop all of the pearl out of the pot. And flush with cool water.

tabs 6

Drain, mix with sugar and water. BOBA KING is ready to serve.

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