Boba Academy

Boba Academy is an esteemed workshop studio specializing in crafting exceptional beverage recipes, with a primary focus on the art of Boba tea. Led by a team of highly skilled and professional baristas, the academy provides an immersive learning experience for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals in the beverage industry. From the selection of the finest tea leaves to perfecting the art of Boba pearls, our experienced trainers share their wealth of knowledge to empower participants to master the intricate craft of Boba tea preparation.

Learn From the Best

Moreover, at Boba Academy, we are passionate about supporting small business owners in the beverage industry. We believe that by equipping small business owners with the necessary skills and insights, we can contribute to their growth and success.

Come Join Us!

Join us at Boba Academy, where we not only nourish your passion for Boba tea but also assist you in taking your business to exciting new heights.

Immersive training in crafting exceptional Boba tea
Guided by skilled baristas who share their expertise from tea selection to pearl preparation
Focus extends to empowering small business owners in the beverage industry through skill enhancement, fostering growth and success