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Es Popdeng

Ingredient : 

  1. Cocopandan Syrup 20ml 
  2. Condensed milk 10g
  3. Coconut water 120ml
  4. Evaporated milk 15ml
  5. Bobaking Cocopanda Jelly 15g
  6. Bobaking Cendol Jelly 15g
  7. Boomba! Popping Boba Strawberry 15g
  8. Bobaking Chocolate Sauce 10g

How to make : 

  1. Pour cocopandan syrup into the glass, and a little shaved ice 
  2. Add Bobaking Cendol Jelly, Bobaking Cocopandan Jelly, and Boomba! Popping Boba Strawberry into the glass
  3. Add coconut water, condensed milk, and evaporated milk then fill the glass with shaved ice
  4. Decorate the top of the ice with Bobaking Chocolate Sauce