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Mango Sauce

Discover the finest quality mango sauce featuring real mango fruit pieces. This thick and luscious sauce delivers the natural sweetness of fresh mango, making it the perfect topping for your favorite drinks and dishes. If you’re a mango lover looking to enjoy the delightful taste of mango without the tartness, this is the ideal choice for you. Experience the genuine sweet flavor of mango in every bite. Order now and elevate your culinary creations with BOBAKING Mango Sauce!

Product Description

  • Shelf life: 12 months 
  • Net Weight/unit : 2,3 kg  
  • Unit/carton : 6 tubes/carton
  • Packaging : Plastic Tube 
  • Storage : After open, put in chiller
  • Serving suggestion : Drink base (suitable for milk, tea, soda, and water base), topping for dessert such as Ice Cream, Pudding, Pastry (e.g. waffle, pancake).