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Snack Box

Ingredient : 

  1. Bobaking Cendol Jelly 40g
  2. Bobaking Brown Sugar Syrup 30ml
  3. Pandan sponge 50g
  4. Coconut cream 65ml
  5. Agar powder 2g
  6. Sugar 25g
  7. Cornstarch 2g

How to make sauce agar coconut milk : 

  1. Add sugar, agar powder, tied panda leaf, 50ml coconut milk, and 115ml water
  2. Stir until evenly distributed, cook over medium heat while stirring until boiling
  3. Sauce ready to use 

How to make Brown Sugar Sauce : 

  1. Add Bobaking Brown Sugar Syrup, 15 ml coconut milk, and 80ml water 
  2. Add cornstarch which has dissolved in water so it doesn’t clot and tied pandan leaf
  3. Stir and then cook unil thick adn boiling

How to make : 

  1. Prepare a 350ml cup.
  2. Cut the pandan sponge according to the size of the box, 1,5cm high and put it on the bottom of the cup.
  3. Add Bobaking Cendol Jelly on top.
  4. Add the agar coconut milk sauce on top, leave space for the brown sugar sauce, then wait for it to set
  5. Add Bobakin Brown Sugar Syrup then garnish with panda leaf (optional)
  6. Put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours before consumption